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Websites (Design and Develop)


A website is a group of pages on the internet that replaces the traditional paper brochure with an interactive online brochure.

The users can be directed from one page to another via links and can interact with internet functionality / software. Your website is an extension of your company’s branding or personality and should have a professional design and structure that supports the business. 

Our website design packages are tailored to be compact, neat, and impactful. We also include in our packages starter SEO (search Engine Optimisation) to get your website listed on Google and found in their search results.

We suggest starting with our smallest website package and as your site grows, we can add / enhance your website as required. Should your needs to be for a more custom solution, we can design and develop a website suited to your business needs, should it be a traditional website, a business website, a portal or an-ecommerce website.

Website Packages

   1 Page

   3 Pages

   5 Pages

Custom Design and Development