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Email Accounts

Email Address

This term refers to the unique address that is typed into the email program (outlook / outlook express) to send an email message to you – its a must-have for any business.


When registering a domain through us we automatically set up 1 free email address for you e.g. info@your_domain.co.za or accounts@your_domain.com. There is no limit to the total number of email addresses a domain can have.

As a free value add, we can set up your email address as web-based email, so that you can access anywhere, anytime, or sync it on your phone or ipad.

Our pricing applies for email addresses over and above the free email address set up with your domain, and all email addresses are paid for in advance for the upcoming month. 30 days written notice is required to cancel any email address.


Email options

Billing regularity


1 email address

free with domain

per email thereafter

Monthly fee

per 1 email address thereafter